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Dana and Jon


We attended Tanya’s Lamaze childbirth class when I was 35 weeks pregnant and it was fantastic! My husband and I really found Tanya’s approach simple, easy to follow and very engaging. We had been looking around for childbirth courses around Melbourne and were advised to do Lamaze and are so grateful for MAMA Midwives for directing us here. The practical side of the course was extremely helpful to my husband who didn’t really know what to do initially. But after the course he felt more confident with a more hands on approach to supporting me during labour. I felt more confident going through labour and birth as the course reinforced just how natural and powerful the human body is. We used a lot of the tools we learnt from the course. On July 31st our son was safely born at home and I managed to have a natural, drug free home birth and it was the most empowering, challenging and beautiful experience I have gone through. I strongly recommend the Lamaze childbirth class for couples who want more practical tools on what to do during labour and birth. Thank you Tanya for all your help!

Dana & Jon, Box Hill


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