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DONA International Doula Training


We are thrilled to announce that Jenn Fontaine will finally be returning to Australia in 2022 to teach DONA International birth doula trainings across Australia!

This training incorporates three steps towards certification with DONA International. When completed you will feel prepared to support families in your community with the latest in evidenced-based information and the skills needed to make a difference in the lives of childbearing families.

This 4-day training includes FREE webinars taught by industry professionals covering additional topics such as “Debriefing Birth with Clients” and “Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders”.

You will receive three certificates at the end of your training:

  1. Introduction to Childbirth for Doulas

  2. Birth Doula Training

  3. Breast/Chestfeeding for Doulas

Course Dates 2022

Sydney: Sunday October 9th to Wednesday October 12th , 9am – 6pm each day
Venue: The Garden Room, Bustle Studios, Level 1, 457 Elizabeth St., Surry Hills, NSW 2010.
Please note: Entrance on Rutland St via the red door.

Melbourne: Wednesday October 19th to Saturday October 22nd, 9am – 6pm each day
Venue: Caulfield South (exact address provided upon registration)


Register more than 3 weeks out from the start of your chosen course and save with our early bird discount!

Early bird rate: $975 incl. GST
Full rate: (if you register less than 3 weeks prior to the start of your chosen course) $1,175 incl. GST

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Bundle and Save!

Jenn will also be offering her own postpartum doula training. This course is primarily aimed at experienced birth doulas who are seeking to add to their existing skill set and to expand their doula practice by offering postpartum support. However, new doulas, or people wanting to work in the postpartum space specifically may also apply for this course.

Total cost for both the 4-day DONA Birth doula training PLUS the 3-day Postpartum Doula training: $1,867.50 incl. GST (10% saving)

There is also the option to do the DONA Birth doula training PLUS When Survivors Give Birth.
Total cost for the DONA Birth Doula training PLUS When Survivors Give Birth: $1372.50 incl. GST. (10% saving).

For all you extreme birth nerds out there, you also have the option to complete all three courses with Jenn Fontaine. Bundle all three trainings together and SAVE 15%!

Total cost for the 4-day DONA Birth doula training PLUS the 3-day Postpartum Doula training PLUS When Survivors Give Birth: $2,061.25 incl. GST

Click HERE to register now. You can select your chosen bundle in the registration form. 

DONA Birth Doula Workshop Content Overview

  • Understanding the role of the birth doula throughout the pregnancy, birthing and postpartum period

  • Supporting partners/family members

  • The history of birth

  • Cultural humility

  • Certification process with DONA International

  • Communication skills

  • Exploring your values

  • Emotional and psychological processes of birth

  • Common medical interventions including pain medications, Caesareans, inductions, etc.

  • Facilitation of communication

  • Informed decision making

  • Non-pharmacological techniques

  • Supporting clients without judgement

  • Conducting client visits

  • Boundaries within your doula role

  • Business aspects of being a doula

  • The postpartum period

  • Infant feeding

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Who is DONA International?

DONA International is the world’s premier doula organisation. They are the oldest, largest and most respected doula association in the world. Their founders are among the foremost experts on doula care, and DONA International certification is a widely respected measure of quality and professionalism. They are an international, non-profit organization of doulas that strives to have every doula trained and educated to provide the highest quality and standards for birth and/or postpartum support to birthing women and their families. To that end, they promote continuing education for doulas and provide a strong communication link among doulas and between doulas, families and the medical birthing community.

They are an amazing community with a shared passion for families that reaches around the world. DONA International doulas and the families they serve are in more than 50 countries.

Read the DONA Certification guide. Download it here.


DONA 2017_5 Q: How do I become DONA Certified? Will I become a certified DONA International doula after doing the 4-day training? 

A: We have put together a detailed document outlining all the steps required (and all associated costs) to become certified as a birth doula with DONA International. Please download the document by clicking here. You might also like to check out DONA International’s newly updated comprehensive document; Birth Doula Certification: A Doula’s Guide

Q: Isn’t DONA an American organisation? Why would I want to have an American certification?

A: DONA International’s offices are based in the United States, but it a truly international organisation. DONA International surpassed 10,000 certified birth and postpartum doulas since their founding in 1992, and have over 7,000 members! Their global reach to pregnant and postpartum families continues to grow with members in 50 countries. The DONA International doula certification – CD(DONA) is an internationally-recognised and highly respected certification.

Doulas are slowly, but surely entering the mainstream consciousness of Australian birthing women. More and more women are aware of the benefits of having a doula to support them during their labour (and in the early postpartum period) and are looking to engage one for their birth. While many doulas find that their presence is welcomed and respected in hospitals, that is not always the case. There is still a high degree of misunderstanding on the part of the obstetric medical team that do not understand the doula’s role, and in some cases, doulas experience a blatant, even hostile disregard for their professional services. Recent and significant changes to the Health Complaints Act 2016 (Vic) have direct and potentially significant implications for doulas working in Victoria. 

DONA 2017_1It is inevitable that there will eventually become the need for some degree of regulation within the doula profession in Australia. Consistency of training, certification and ongoing professional development will all be impacted. It is important to be proactive as a profession and to self-regulate, rather than wait to have regulation forced upon doulas by the medical profession. American doulas have been facing this battle for many years, and DONA International has been the leading force in terms of doula advocacy and recognition. Australian doulas who certify with DONA International will have the support of this amazing organisation as well as an international community of like-minded passionate birth workers.

Q: I already have doula certification from Australia. What’s the benefit of having DONA International on top of the qualifications I already have?

A: DONA International is the premier doula association. With more than 7,000 birth and postpartum doula members and growing, they are the largest doula association in the world. By offering A DONA International training, we are providing quality training and meaningful certification. DONA International serves mothers and families by providing access to information and research about doulas, childbirth and the postpartum experience. DONA International certification sets the bar for doula education and professional development. It indicates to families that a doula has achieved a high level of training and professionalism.

DONA International has standards of practice and a code of conduct that doulas, hospital staff AND families can count on. Having a certified doula with an international organisation lets people know you have gone through a training process and adhere to these standards of practice. There are professional standards, accountability and continuing education opportunities.

 Q: I don’t have any background or training as a doula. Can I still do the DONA training?

A: Most definitely! No prior training or experience is required to attend the training. The 4-day training forms a part of the overall certification process (the rest is self-study and birth support experience) and you will have up to four years to complete all the required study modules. 

Q: Will the DONA International Doula Training be available in other cities?
A: Jenn will be in Australia for approximately 4 weeks and so there is definitely the possibility to run the DONA Doula Training in other cities in Australia, provided that a minimum number of participants register (usually at least 6 participants). If you are outside of Melbourne, Brisbane, or Sydney and would like to participate in a training in your city, please send us an email and we will be in touch with you. If you are able to help recruit other participants, we will be able to offer you a significant discount for your own training.

Q: How much does the DONA training cost?
A: For a comprehensive breakdown of all the associated fees, please download our information booklet.

Q: What’s your refund policy?
A: Once you have registered and paid for this course, no refunds will be granted. If you would like to transfer your registration to the next training, a $50 administration fee will apply.

Meet Your Trainer

Jenn Fontaine
LCCE, FACCE, CD(DONA), BDT(DONA), PCD(DONA), CLE, DONA International Birth Doula Trainer

Jenn is a certified DONA International birth doula, a DONA International Birth Doula Trainer, and a certified Lamaze Educator and accredited Lamaze Program Director.

Jenn Fontaine is an international trainer and has been involved in birth work for over 19 years. Her love of learning and supporting families in a non judgmental way makes her stand out as a leader in her work. She has worked as a childbirth educator for 16 years and is passionate about passing along her knowledge to families and other doulas, knowing that she is learning just as much from them! She absolutely loves doing doula trainings and helping new doulas find their own path. Jenn also specializes in trauma-informed education.

Jenn is a wife, a mum to four, a loss and trauma survivor, a trainer and a mentor. She lives and practices in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Have a question for Jenn? Send her an email


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