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Private Childbirth Classes

A private birthwell birthright childbirth class is ideal for those who desire a personalised class. The class will be tailored to your needs and your schedule. You will leave more confident and more prepared physically, emotionally and intellectually for your upcoming birth.

I can help reduce or eliminate any fears you may have and help you feel ready to meet that beautiful baby. My intention for you is that when you finish your class with me you are confident and empowered about your choices.

During your sessions, we can sort through all the information that’s out there regarding pregnancy and childbirth so you can make sense of it and learn how it applies to your unique situation. You’ll come out of your class with me knowing how to make appropriate decisions regarding your pregnancy and your baby.

Private classes are hands-on sessions. I’ll teach you how to best move your body during labour to make you feel better and to help baby get into the best position for birth. You’ll learn massage, breathing and other coping skills to help you and your partner better work with your labour to facilitate birth.

Partners – your needs and concerns will be addressed as well. You’ll learn how to best support mum during the rest of her pregnancy and through her labour. You’ll be able to help her communicate her needs to your caregivers during birth. Let me help you be confident and ready too.

Privacy and confidentiality are always maintained with regards to your session(s).

Cancellation Policy – If you must cancel your private session, we request a minimum of 24 hrs notice. Appointments that are immediately rescheduled will not incur any fees. If you cancel within 24 hrs or less, you will be charged the full fee for your appointment.

Cost: $700 incl. GST (two x 4 hour sessions)

Venue: Classes can be held at birthwell birthright in Caulfield South or in your home.


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