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Liyen & Sam

Liyen and Sam

“Sam and I did the Lamaze course later in my pregnancy, which made a lot of sense to us (many other courses seemed to want parents to do them at 20-something weeks). We felt that the Lamaze values and beliefs, being based on not only spirituality, but also on research and science, aligned with what we were looking for in a birthing class.

Leading up to the birth, Sam and I learnt that as a couple, we had rights and built the confidence to ask our hospital hard questions and/or push back on things we did not want for our birthing experience. Tanya’s teachings also helped me a lot through the birth of our daughter. Because of what I had learnt, I was able to repeat things in my head during each contraction and get through the labour relatively easily, resulting in a vaginal birth with no epidural or episiotomy.

Tanya was amazing – she created a safe learning environment that was catered to our pregnancy (as I had gestational diabetes) and taught the class at our pace. Being so flexible, Sam and I were able to maximise our learning and actually retain a lot of information.

Thank you, Tanya, for being such a great influence in our very positive birthing experience. We highly recommend birthwell birthright to all expecting parents.”


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