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Home birth under fire – again.


Maternity ward crisis? Media crisis more like…

This blog has been swirling around in my head like a mini-cyclone for over a week. My instinct was to lash out when I first watched the Weekend Sunrise clip that I’ve included below, but common sense prevailed and...


SNOWBALL – A new mother’s guide to postpartum wellness.

Coming home from the hospital with your first baby is probably one of the scariest things we will ever do. Suddenly, the reassurance of having round-the-clock support from the hospital seems very far away indeed. Sadly, in modern Western culture,...


Mother Nature’s Clock

Many of you will remember the classic children’s book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. The little caterpillar grew and grew and grew (a bit like our growing bellies in pregnancy!) then the caterpillar became a chrysalis and...


The dangers of “winging it” in labour and why every woman needs a birth plan.

Recently, I saw an exchange of comments between two women on Facebook that ended with this post; “I’m definitely not going in with any birth plans or expectations. Just want the baby out and both of us to be...


Your body is NOT a lemon

There are many ways that a woman can prepare for birth and there is no one right way. Just as every birth is unique, so is every woman. Feeling empowered can mean something very different to each person. It’s...


Labour Essentials – a Top Ten list for all birthing women


Perinatal Anxiety – the silent epidemic.

When my son was about four weeks old, I thought I would make an effort to get out of my slobby maternity clothes that were stained with baby vomit and breast milk and get showered, dressed – and hell,...


Birthing Fears (Part Two)

In this second instalment of our blog on Birthing Fears, we’re going to explore a number of other common fears around childbirth, including some things that many women and their partners think about, but rarely voice. Did you miss...


Birthing Fears (Part One)

In this two-part blog, we are going to explore the topic of fear in childbirth. It’s a BIG topic, so to do it some justice, we are going to split it over a couple of weeks. Fear of childbirth...

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