International Resources

Childbirth Connection – VBAC or Repeat Caesarean?  

The VBAC Education Project CMQCC (California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative)

Lamaze International – A Woman’s Guide to VBAC VBAC Facts ICAN – International Caesarean Awareness Network

What every woman needs to know about Caesarean Section (Childbirth Connection)

Australian Resources

Lamaze Australia – individualised advocacy services are available

Birthrites – Healing After Caesarean

Maternity Choices Australia

Maternity Consumer Network

Suggested Facebook groups

VBAC Australia Community

VBAC Australia Support Group

Birthrites – Healing After Caesarean

Caesarean Section Support Australia

Natural Hospital Birthing

Books About VBAC

Vaginal Birth After Caesarean: The VBAC Handbook (U.K.-based information)

Birthing Normally After a Cesarean or Two: A Guide for Pregnant Women – Exploring Reasons and Practicalities for VBAC (U.S.-based information)

The VBAC Companion

Cut, Stapled and Mended

Silent Knife – Caesarean Prevention and VBAC

How To Heal a Bad Birth (**highly recommended!)

Some more great reading…

Superb blog by Australia PhD midwife, Dr Rachel Reed – VBAC: Making a Mountain out of a Molehill.

Your Pathway to a Successful VBAC by Tanya Cawthorne (article appeared in Rockstar Birth Magazine)

Rockstar Birth Magazine – Positive Caesarean Issue    

The VBAC Education Project – Resource Guide for Parents (includes a very comprehensive list of international VBAC resources)

The VBAC Education Project – Handouts for Parents

Top Tips for Preparing for a Successful VBAC

13 Myths About VBAC

Checklist: Planning a VBAC  

Comprehensive list of references from this course