A letter to my son on his ninth birthday

30th May, 2018

To my darling boy,

Nine years ago today, you were born. And I became a newborn mother.

We all waited so impatiently for your arrival. After a full 42 weeks of pregnancy, you were served your eviction notice and following a long and drawn out induction of labour (if you want to hear your birth story, click here!) you finally arrived earth side. Your dad – aba – cried and I think our doula Debbie did as well. We all sighed a collective sign of relief. You really took your time and we all did everything we could to help you to be born.

You were born in the holy city of Jerusalem, like your father and your grandmother. A third generation Yerushalmi. And that makes me so proud. In utero, we called you Strudel, but we had actually decided on your name very early on – you were probably no larger than a kidney bean when you became Liev Israel.

Liev has a beautiful and complex meaning in Hebrew. “Li” is the reflexive “me” or “mine” and “ev”- aleph bet are the first two letters of the Hebrew alphabet and full of spiritual meaning and symbolism.

Israel, your middle name, was the name of your maternal grandfather, may his memory be a blessing. He was the kindest, most gentle man you ever met, and it’s obvious that his spirit lives in you.

Although you are only nine years old, I already see glimmers of the incredible man you will become. I love your generosity, your gentle nature, your love and concern for others, and your fierce loyalty to your family and friends.

I love that you start every day by hugging me.

I love that you are not afraid to show emotion and your vulnerability.

I love that can share your feelings and worries with your parents.

I love that you are curious about the world and that you love learning.

Thank you for choosing me to be your mum.

I love you with all my heart.

Mummy xxx

Liev birthday collage