Tanya Strusberg is featured on ABC Radio’s Babytalk with Penny Johnston!

Babytalk itunesI was thrilled to be interviewed by the lovely Penny Johnston, producer and host of ABC Radio’s Babytalk.

Tanya Strusberg never planned on becoming a childbirth educator. But like so many women before her, becoming a mother changed her life completely.

Having delivered both of her children in Israel following a Lamaze class, Tanya decided to sign on to study childbirth education. It was a massive life and career change.

Moving back to Australia Tanya expected to connect with other Lamaze practitioners but was surprised to find there weren’t any. So she worked with the United States based program to create a course that would work for the Australian healthcare model.

Lamaze is a childbirth method that 60 years ago was a pioneer for reclaiming the experience of birth for women.

Tanya Strusberg is now a member of Lamaze International’s Board of Directors and the first non-North American. In this week’s Babytalk Podcast you’ll find out more about one of America’s favourite childbirth education programs and what makes giving birth in Israel quite a different experience.

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