2022 Trainings & Workshops with Jenn Fontaine – Terms & Conditions

Deposit policy

Deposits are non-refundable. If we cancel the training, we will refund you 100% of your paid amount. You may transfer your registration to another workshop for a fee of $50 up to one month before the start of the training.

Transfer Policy 

If you are unable to attend the workshop you are initially registered for, AND you notify us at least two weeks before the workshop start date, you may transfer to another workshop offered by Jenn Fontaine in the next 24 months ONCE for $100 additional fee if space is available.  If you are unable to do this, the full fee is forfeited. It is your responsibility to contact us in a timely manner in writing at least two weeks prior to the start of the workshop, of your request to transfer.  It is also your responsibility at this time to notify us of the replacement workshop you would like to attend to determine if space is available. You are unable to transfer to another workshop if your request is within two weeks of the workshop start date.

Policy after the workshop starts

Once the workshop begins, you are required to attend 100% of the workshop with full engagement.  You will not receive a certificate of completion for this workshop if you miss or are unable to engage fully in the complete and entire workshop.  If you miss up to two hours of a workshop, you must book a private session with Jenn at a cost of $75/hour (one hour minimum) to cover the missed content within two weeks of the end of the workshop over Zoom. It is your responsibility to reach out and schedule with Jenn directly. 

If you do not complete this missed workshop time within two weeks, the next paragraph applies:

If you have missed more than two total hours of any workshop, you may attend the missed session(s) in another of Jenn’s workshops within the next 12 months from the missed workshop end-date for a fee of $100.  If you are unable to do this, the full workshop fee is forfeited and you are required to re-enrol in a new workshop of your choice at full registration. If you miss more than 50% of the entire workshop, you will need to participate in another workshop at your full expense. It is your responsibility to contact Jenn in writing and in a timely manner, of your request to attend a future workshop if space is available.

To contact Jenn, please email jenn@itsbirth.ca