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When’s the best time to plan for a VBAC?  Maybe before you’re pregnant!

I have long been passionate about educating women and their partners about vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC). Many of my doula clients are hoping for a VBAC, following a less than positive previous birth experience. Understand the birthing landscape....


Can we please just stop fu$%ing with birth already?

Just a day after International Women’s Day, an article appeared in The Age today with the alarmist headline; “‘The figures are appalling’: Rising number of Victorian women haemorrhaging after childbirth.” You want to know what’s appalling? → The fact...


Birth & Postpartum Doula Training

Birth and Postpartum Doula Training with Tanya Cawthorne (Australia) and Jenn Fontaine (Canada) We are thrilled to announce that in 2024 we will be launching a brand new birth doula and postpartum doula training! Training programs will be offered...


Doulas aren’t Superheroes.

This blog has been swirling around in my head for a few years now and every so often it comes back into my conscious awareness, and I feel the urge to sit down and write it. I feel that...


My Journey To Lamaze – Lamaze International Podcast

On the season 1 finale episode of The Lamaze Podcast, Lesley Pascuzzi, LCCE, speaks with Lamaze International President Tanya Cawthorne, LCCE, FACCE, about living in different parts of the world and how Lamaze guided her birth experience with her...


2022 Trainings & Workshops with Jenn Fontaine – Terms & Conditions

Deposit policy Deposits are non-refundable. If we cancel the training, we will refund you 100% of your paid amount. You may transfer your registration to another workshop for a fee of $50 up to one month before the start...


The Birth Wars – no end in sight.

Sadly, it seems we are no closer to ending the divisive birth wars any time soon. If anything, the chasm today seems almost impassable. Emotions run so high in this deeply personal topic where both ends of the spectrum...


In honour of Aksel Jude

TRIGGER WARNING: This blog deals with stillbirth and features photographs that some people may find upsetting. My first meeting with Sarah began like any other doula meet and greet. A nice café, a cup of coffee, and a chance...


Aromatherapy for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

In this blog, I am excited to welcome our special guest writer, Sonya Edmonds. Sonya is a Clinical Aromatherapist and a Registered Nurse and Midwife who is an absolute wealth of knowledge when it comes to aromatherapy; particularly when...


Why Midwives Love a Good Birth Plan

This week I am thrilled to feature a guest post from midwife, Kate Visser. Birthwell Birthright (BWBR): Many people are very cynical of the whole concept of a “birth plan”. Pregnant women hear all too often from their friends...

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