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Perinatal Anxiety – the silent epidemic.

When my son was about four weeks old, I thought I would make an effort to get out of my slobby maternity clothes that were stained with baby vomit and breast milk and get showered, dressed – and hell,...


Birthing Fears (Part Two)

In this second instalment of our blog on Birthing Fears, we’re going to explore a number of other common fears around childbirth, including some things that many women and their partners think about, but rarely voice. Did you miss...


Birthing Fears (Part One)

In this two-part blog, we are going to explore the topic of fear in childbirth. It’s a BIG topic, so to do it some justice, we are going to split it over a couple of weeks. Fear of childbirth...


Your Pathway to a Successful VBAC

Wanting to rock your VBAC? Know the facts, do your homework and check out our Top Tips to give you the best possible chance of achieving a successful VBAC. GATHER YOUR SUPPORT TEAM AND CHOOSE THE RIGHT MODEL OF...


The ABCs of Comfort in Labour: 26 great ideas to help you get through even the toughest parts of labour.

  In my Lamaze classes, I often play this fun game with couples. It’s even more fun when the mums and dads work as separate teams, as the dads often come up with some hilarious ideas! Here are 26...


Pork spine bone soup, donkey-hide jelly, sea cucumbers OH MY! A look inside the postpartum traditions of Chinese women

The other night, SBS aired a fascinating story on Dateline. China’s Supermums was a revealing and fascinating insight into the traditional Chinese custom of “confinement” when a new mother stays indoors for the entire first month after giving birth....



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