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Ashley, Tom and baby Max


“I managed to get through with no tearing, no pain relief, and no stress. I never felt like the delivery was more than I could handle. It was at times painful, but not the type of pain that I found stressful or distressing. The midwives were all blown away and told me I was just amazing at giving birth and that most first timers don’t do it so calmly or without any request for pain relief. I’m telling you this not to brag, but because I wanted to let you know that a lot of the reason I found it so easy and was so calm and relaxed was because of the information and resources that you provided as part of your Lamaze course. “ Read More…


Denise and baby Fred

South Yarra

“Tanya provided more information and practical knowledge then you would ever get at a hospital birth class (I did one and it was almost a waste of time). She helped me see this amazing experience of giving birth is what I am designed for as a woman. She helped me have faith in my body and put me in a completely different headspace, one that eliminated all the fear.
My labour and birth was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had and I’d do it all again in a second.” Read more of Denise’s story…


Dana and Jon

Box Hill

“I felt more confident going through labour and birth as the course reinforced just how natural and powerful the human body is. We used a lot of the tools we learnt from the course. Our son was safely born at home and I managed to have a natural, drug free home birth and it was the most empowering, challenging and beautiful experience I have gone through.” Read more of Dana and Jon’s story…


Liyen & Sam


Tanya was amazing – she created a safe learning environment that was catered to our pregnancy (as I had gestational diabetes) and taught the class at our pace. Thank you, Tanya, for being such a great influence in our very positive birthing experience. We highly recommend birthwell birthright to all expecting parents.” Read more of Liyen and Sam’s story… “ Read More…


Isobel and Mathew

Brunswick West

“We absolutely loved birthwell birthright — it was great to get evidence-based and non-biased information on both natural birth and modern medical options. We’re now feeling really empowered and excited about the birth, instead of feeling nervous. Looking forward to putting your valuable education into practice!”


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